Club Campestre de Bucaramanga


Play on one of the best golf courses in Colombia. The 6349-yard (18-hole - par 72) course designed by Mahanann & Saenz presents a demanding scenario that balances undulating fairways and greens protected by lakes, bunkers and typical trees.  Take on the challenge of the iconic 16th hole and enjoy the restaurant "El Kiosco de Golf" strategically located next to the tee of the 10th hole.

The course layout was entrusted to the North American firm "Mahanann & Saenz" of Miami, who with the association of specialized builders found that the topography of the land was excellent for the golf course

For the construction of the "greenes" was hired George W. Cox, specialist in this task and who performed his work in a total time of eight weeks.

Practice Range

Club Campestre de Bucaramanga has a pleasant and ample space for long and short play that adjoins its golf course, where golfers and beginners can practice or receive instruction with professionals certified by the Colombian Golf Federation; in addition, it has private parking and food and beverage service which are available to members and individuals. In addition, the facilities and the country stage are ideal for social and business events.


Exercise and have fun in a large sports complex with 14 brick powder tennis courts, fully illuminated, home to national and international tournaments, 3 mini courts, with monitors and bowlers available for the practice and enjoyment of this sport.  We have a Tennis Academy, in which our members can continue to develop their skills in this sport.

PBX: (607) 685 5050 extensión 781 – phone line: 316 831 7628

Sports academies and disciplines
with professional training in:
Academia de golf Academia de tenis Academia de fútbol Academia de natación Academia de patinaje Academia de squash Clases de artes marciales Clases de ballet


It's the teaching that promotes and encourages the practice of group golf, at recreational and/or competitive level, for children and young people between 4 and 17 years. It has a competent staff of professional instructors certified by the Colombian Golf Federation, the physical trainer and under a technical direction that coordinates the application of teaching methods and processes, as well as the application of technological aids according to the needs of the different levels of players.

Reports: PBX: (607) 685 5050 ext. 800 – 316 3084425


To promote the hobby and practice of Tennis in both children and young people we have an Academy formed by a staff of teachers fully certified and trained in white sport

Reports: phone line 3163730384


Club Campestre de Bucaramanga has four (4) regulatory courts, venue of local, national and South American tournaments and events, which offers players the opportunity to enjoy the sport and improve their squash skills with group classes for children or personalized classes for youth and adults.

Reports: PBX: (607) 685 5050 ext. 795
phone line 318 6992499


With a pitch in natural football grass 8 and a lateral stand for the enjoyment of the spectators our stage is ideal for the meeting of friendly matches and championships organized directly by the Committee. The Football Academy with its seed categories, children’s, pre-play and adults, offers our members group or personalized classes for football lovers.

Reports: PBX: (607) 685 5050 ext. 795
phone line 318 6992499


With a Semi Olympic pool, a diving pool and a water mirror, this wet area has ample spaces for practice, training, recreation or leisure for our members and visitors. We have a swimming academy, which has as a mission to instruct practices with special classes for children from 6 months, passing through beginner levels with basic skills of flotation, breathing, kick, stroke and safety techniques in the water, as well as more advanced practices to improve endurance and increase speed in different styles of swimming and competition.

Reports: PBX: (607) 685 5050 ext. 795
phone line 318 6992499


The outdoor skating rink that borders the football field, is the perfect place for this sport on wheels, also used for recreational athletics and cycling in the morning. The academy welcomes children and young people from the age of 5, at all levels, from beginners who are learning the basics of sport, as well as more advanced skaters who seek to improve their technical skills and performance in competition, with trainings led by a qualified instructor.

Reports: PBX: (607) 685 5050 ext. 795
phone line 318 6992499


The Club offers its members ballet lessons for children between 4 and 7 years of age who find in dance a form of artistic expression, promoting physical and emotional health with a lot of benefits when developing muscle strength, coordination and body control, as well as improving posture, flexibility, discipline and concentration.

Reports: PBX: (607) 685 5050 ext. 810
Phone line 317 4428788


Martial arts classes for children and young people from 5 to 15 years old are developed in the gym’s group classroom and allow them to learn effective self-defense techniques, in addition to gaining muscle strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, self-esteem, confidence and develop mental discipline and self-control, cultivating values such as respect and perseverance.

Reports: PBX: (607) 685 5050 ext. 810
Phone line 317 4428788


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